In the United Nations General Assembly session of 2015, China introduced its vision of a world order called “Community with a Shared Future for Mankind”.

Chinese companies can prove to be a modern-day East India Company

A crucial facet of China’s game plan to encircle and dominate India is related to how it has quietly over the years crept into the country’s telecom network and infrastructure backbone.

Digital strike upon China

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the government have taken a much-awaited and needed decision of protecting our digital boundaries.

Developing a self-reliant technological India.

Today is the world where knowledge defines the future. Sometime back it was the power of, military and resources which defines the true course of a Nation.


J&K Day celebrated at India International Trade Fair
Ayodhya Issue: The Shifting Stand-I

In the context of Rama Janmabhumi in Ayodhya things were muddies by the secular and Marxists right from the beginning and they were determined not to allow the settlement ot happen.

Ayodhya Issue: The Shifting Stand-II

In the context of Ram Janmabhumi-Babri Masjid before the Marxist historians and the pseudo secularists took over the propaganda war with the help of some friendly news papers one of the most visible name in the new papers and on the other news media was that of Mr.

Putting Word in Dead man’s Mouth

In order to buttress his arguments Prof. Irfan Habib has gone manipulating scholarly writings for his political purposes beyond imaginations.

Ayodhya Whose Sacred Place, Whose Sacred Space?

This article was written on the invitation of the organizers of a seminar on “Destruction and Restoration of Cultural Property”.

अयोध्या मुद्दे पर मुस्लिम पक्ष को गुमराह करने में वामपंथी भूमिका

भारत के वाम-उदारवादी बौद्धिक वर्ग और उन की तरफ से खडी की गई संस्थाएं पाखंड के प्रतीक है ।

Muslims & India

J&K Day celebrated at India International Trade Fair
Are Indian Muslims secular?

Muslims came first as invaders. In 712 AD Moh. Kasim invaded nort- western India. That was an opening which went on to score a high in a protracted innings leaving scars on our memory.

Khelo Kashmir to ‘connect’ Valley youth with mainstream
Who is intolerant ?

Unlike Islam, Christianity, Judaism and Communism, Hinduism is NOT a rigid religion or an ideology in that sense but an ever evolving philosophy. That is why it is called ‘Sanatan‘ (Eternal).

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