Today is the world where knowledge defines the future. Sometime back it was the power of, military and resources which defines the true course of a Nation. A country with military power rules the world, then came the time of Petrol, software, and automobiles which completely changed the world, not to anyone's surprise the race was lead by America so far. Times have changed and now the tables stakes have also changed. In the past decade, the world saw an unprecedented acceptance of technology and those technological startups have changed our minds/world completely.

Now you don’t have to call a travel agent to book a taxi for the next day where they charged you a minimum but hefty fare, today you just book a cab by a single click and hop on for your designation. You can even share the fare by sharing the ride. Today one doesn’t need to go to banks for a financial transaction – with a single click you send the money to anyone. While you were waiting for an email’s reply some years back, now whats app has changed that completely. Just look around and you will see that Human's basic needs like Home, Food, Clothes, and Job are met by simple applications on his mobile. It’s a different world altogether and with a constant change, it will be out of bounds in a couple of decades.

The foundation of each of those changes is either new technology or new startups. New technologies are now getting created by newborn technology Start-ups and they are changing the world I write this article.

TCountries worldwide have understood the importance of having a startup ecosystem. To develop an American silicon-valley like ecosystem it will need decades and will be needing fundamental correction of existing systems. China understood it and by back doors started investing in its world’s start eco system. It's not a hidden secret that China has enabled the funding of many startups across the world in order to attain newly built technology. Especially in the last 5-6 years when the world economy wasn’t doing well, investment hungry startups needed seed capital which was an opportunity for China and it grabbed it fully. Today China is only second to the USA when it comes to Unicorn Start-ups ( startups more than 1 billion dollar valuation ).

Today next-generation technologies are based upon the data which is acquired and India is the world’s largest data generating country. Imagine what can be done with data accumulated from 800 million people.

As per data on the internet, the USA has 135 Unicorn startups and China has 120, whereas India has only 25 to its credit. World’s largest startup by valuation is Ant Financial (formerly known as Alipay which is an affiliate company of the Chinese Alibaba Group. Ant Financial is the world's highest-valued Financial Technology company, and most valuable unicorn (start-up) company, with a valuation of US$150 billion ). These are not just figures but a reality that we as a nation have a lot of catch up to do.

CPrime Minister Narendra Modi is fully aware of the importance and that’s why India has made some considerable developments in Start-ups and due to schemes since 2014, there has been an upsurge in Start-ups in the country. Galwan standoff has enabled the country to wake up to the need of Indigenous technological independence and primarily by the call of the Prime Minister himself there is a revolution in peoples thought process

Thus this is the right time to take the right steps. The world is also looking up to India for its need and technology leadership. We need to enable separate funding for Indian startups which should be monitored and governed by Independent fund management companies. The local consumption of government expenditures should be structured in a manner where upcoming technological companies are given preference so that with time they attain global standards, which can lead to their global coverage. A complete mapping of technological sectors with a clear marking of software and hardware companies should be made, with minimum bureaucratic intervention. India is one of the largest markets in the world hence the government can use this leverage to enable the mentorship of Indian Start-ups by Global giants.

There is much more to be done and much more to achieve. China understands that its true competitor in India and hence it will leave no stone unturned to block our way. This is the opportunity we have and thus it's now or never time. The vision current political leadership in the center has given the impetus and now the administration has to actually enable the change.

The world order is in the process to change, which is evident that Facebook, Google, and many companies are lining up to invest in India. The country has started to run towards its true potential but it’s a marathon hence its continuous effort with consistency.